Ramadan Calendar

Fast Begins: 5:40 am Fast Ends: 5:13 pm

Ramadan Calendar

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The Fast of Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem! We are excited to have our community members join us in taking full advantage of this blessed month. Masjid Furqaan invites you to join us for group salat, taraweeh, itikaf, and many other chances at ibadah.

We will be open 24/7 during Ramadan to give people the opportunity to access the masjid whenever they want. The masjid will have around-the-clock security to maintain the safety of our members.

We have plenty of space for members who are interested in hosting group iftars. We encourage you to take advantage of this beloved month and reap the benefits while Ramadan lasts!

Ramadan Programs

Daily Taraweeh

  • Lead by Asad Sayeed & Rayyan Sayeed
  • Right After Isha

  • Daily Recitation Summary

  • 5 min Before Taraweeh daily in english
  • By Shaikh Yusuf Asadi

  • Daily Iftar

  • Dates and water provided by Masjid Furqaan daily
  • Community members welcome to bring Iftar for All
  • To Book Iftar for your family and friends (Capacity 200 Max) Call Ms.Safoora at: 630-914-5015 x 410

  • Daily After Taraweeh Activites

  • Youth Indoor Activities: Billiards, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom
  • Males ONLY after ISHA / Females ONLY before ISHA.
  • Facility open till Fajr Daily

  • Qiyam ul Layl - Last Ten Nights

  • Contact us to sponsor Suhoor Call Ms. Safoora at: 630-914-5015 x 410
  • 2:30am to 3:30am